The Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Bowling Green was organized By the Rev. Jesse S. Grider on August 12, 1866.
There were thirty charter members. The official board consisted of elders J. E. Halsel, John S. McCormick, and Clinton Jackson.
The first deacon of the congregation was T. W. Campbell. 
In 1869 the church building at the corner of Center and Eleventh Street was completed and occupied.

In 1906 an attempt was made to unite the Cumberland Presbyterian Church with the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. A large part of the church opposed the union and a schism occurred in many congregations, including the Bowling Green Cumberland Presbyterian Church. In Bowling Green those favoring the union became the Westminster Presbyterian Church and retained the church property. The group opposing the union reorganized and built a new church on Eleventh and College Street.It was occupied in 1909.

On April 20, 1907, R.E. Cooksey sold to the Bowling Green Cumberland Presbyterian Church a lot on the corner of Eleventh & College Street for $3,000.00. On April 20, 1907, a lot between Eleventh & Twelfth Street on College was sold to the Bowling Green Cumberland Presbyterian Church from H. F. & Mary Stovall for $1,500.00. This was paid in full on May 31, 1909. A private corporation was formed by Dr. P. W. Stone, J.W. Goodrum, H.H. Denhardt, J. K. McGinnis, C. W. Stone, and Joe D. Smith. Business was to be conducted by directors: Dr. T.W. Stone (president), W. J. Denhardt (secretary), J. K. McGinnis, Joe D. Smith, Dr. J. Hendrick and J. N. Goodrum starting April 15, 1907. In the event that the Bowling Green Cumberland Presbyterian Church should fail to function the property was to go to the stockholders.

While Rev. Merlyn Alexander was pastor, it was decided by vote of the congregation to sell the church property and locate elsewhere. A lot was bought on Campbell Land about three miles from downtown Bowling Green, and a cash payment of $25,000.00 was made. The church on the corner of Eleventh and College Street was sold for $50,000.00.

Late in 1970 a loan of $90,000.00 was taken out and a contractor obtained to build a new church for $165,000.00. The new church was dedicated on November 28, 1971. On April 16, 1998 a severe hail and windstorm hit Bowling Green, damaging many homes and businesses. That storm severely damaged our church building. The destruction of the storm left us without a church home until December 20, 1998. On February 7,1999 a new cornerstone was laid, and the reconstructed new church was dedicated.


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